Social Media

and lexicon analysis

A client wanted to understand how to reduce the gaps in cancer treatment for historically hard-to-recruit patients. By combining social media data with lexicon analysis, we uncovered the language to leverage. This was joined with feedback from a cancer advocate focus group to craft hyper-relevant outreach and interview materials. This combined approach ultimately led to the client creating content showcasing Top Twitter Voices in this cancer space, generating their highest social media content engagements all year.

As a result, this historically hard-to-recruit patient group became one of the fastest completed recruits to date.

Patient Journey

A relatively new treatment was third to enter the market for a common condition. We were hired to learn how patients felt about the current options within the condition category, as well as how patients might feel about a new approach. The roles of patients, HCPs, caregivers, and insurance/payers were revealed during the free-flow interviews to understand the respondents’ influence on the journey.

“Hindsight” learnings were captured to show what patients wished they knew or had been different.

This research ultimately uncovered opportunities for the client to leverage, informing their successful strategy using traditional and digital channels to showcase the treatment’s unique benefits.

Physician Interview

A client needed to identify the physician decision-making process behind current prescribing patterns.

We identified where physicians had choices in the patient care pathway; revealed how physicians weighed tradeoffs in decision making; uncovered key levers for change; and exposed perceived barriers to care and how to overcome them. Equipped with these insights, the client successfully implemented tactics that reinforced desired behaviors, and they have continued partnering with us annually, completing 150+ studies with us to date.

Other Areas Where We have

Moved minds

Clinical Trial Recruitment

We have adapted difficult-to-understand clinical trial protocols into 2-page plain language summaries to test target subjects’ willingness and/or aversion to participation.

Insight Mining

We have used insight mining to craft a website that led an undiagnosed STD population to self-identify, get them into their physicians’ offices, and then ask for the medication.

Health Literacy

We’ve worked with cancer patients to ensure that even those with limited health literacy could nonetheless comprehend patient education materials that told them about their disease and encouraged them to correctly continue their medication.


Content Development

We have helped agencies during their creative process as they craft  messages and advertisements to raise awareness for an allergy medication’s transition to OTC.

Creative Development

We have designed and produced wall-sized infographics, such as ones that mapped the buying process of a cardiac medication in hospitals, and another that illustrated multiple sclerosis patient journeys.

Usability Testing

We have road tested websites, iPad details, mobile applications, educational materials, and other visual aids to increase their usability and persuasiveness.

Dialogue Research

We have looked at dialogue to link physicians with their patients, payers with KOLs, and caregivers with loved ones, to get them speaking the same language.

Positioning & Messaging

We have positioned, messaged, and strategized with key industry thought leaders to help prepare products for the fierce competition that is healthcare today.