Pharmaceutical & Healthcare



Sommer Consulting’s multidisciplinary team of linguists, health literacy consultants, qualitative researchers, and insights analysts are poised to partner with you to tease out your target audience’s beliefs, uncover their unmet needs, and identify what it takes to move their minds – to not only affect behavioral changes but their attitudes as well.



Culturally competent communication and our proprietary 8-Components Linguis-Techs questioning model provide the methodological framework upon which our services are based. We use the 8-Components across a range of research methodologies and therapeutic areas with both consumers and HCPs to identify their information gaps and psychographics—their attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, interests, lifestyles, opinions, values, and social determinants.

  • Early Asset Exploratory
  • Insight Mining / Patient Journey
  • Communications Exploration (messaging / concept development and testing)
  • Positioning
  • Health Literacy Assessment and Comprehension Testing
  • Formative Human Factors