LINDA SOMMER, PHD – Chief Executive Officer

Linguis-Techs, Inc. evolved into Sommer Consulting in the mid-1990s when Linda took over as CEO from Founder Dr. Joseph Yeager.

In her capacity as CEO, Linda expanded the role of the company into a highly visible force within the international business community, and she continues to manage all employees and personally train them in the proprietary Lingus-Techs-8-Components questioning model that forms the cornerstone of all of Sommer Consulting’s offerings.


Juliette has been Sommer Consulting’s President for nearly two decades.

She oversees client relationships and the firm’s major projects, including all technical and executive aspects of client research, serving as a senior moderator, and providing guidance on all methodological approaches.

LISA O’ROURKE, MBA – Chief Financial Officer

Lisa has helmed the firm’s finances for 30+ years.

As CFO, she oversees Sommer Consulting’s capital structure, from financial statements, reporting, and statutory compliance, to leveraging the company’s financial data to inform operational decision-making and economic strategy.

ERIN ALTHAGE – Executive Vice President

Erin has been a member of the Sommer Team since 2008, having come to us from the Pharmaceutical Industry.

As Sommer’s Executive Vice President, Erin manages client relations, supervises project design and direction, and guides project execution, including stepping into the role of Senior Moderator.

TERRI KOLEBER – Vice President

Terri joined the Sommer Team in 2006 with a robust background working in clinical trials and medical population-based research.

Her keen understanding of medical market research, and exceptional experience in epidemiologic studies and biostatistical analysis and interpretation is a major benefit to all her client engagements.

MARY FOX – Vice President

Mary came to Sommer Consulting from a venture-backed Israeli healthcare social media startup where she spearheaded and developed an innovative insights methodology using sociolinguistic and big data language approaches.

As Sommer’s Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Growth, she leverages cutting-edge digital and linguistic capabilities along with other, well-established research methods to unlock key insights and provide impactful, strategic direction to clients.