When dealing with patients / consumers, it is critical to think of the many different levels that exist in terms of understanding. What is basic information to one person may be extremely difficult to understand for someone else. This type of research identifies the information that is most important to patients to support their decision making.

Key Areas

Product Interaction

Website Usability Testing

Formative Human Factors Testing

Label & Instructions for Use Testing

Clinical Trials

Recruitment & Retention

Post-Trial Plain Language Patient Summaries

Patient Voice

Positioning & Messaging

Patient Messaging

Physician Messaging

Plain Language Content Creation


Health Literacy Highlights
Can Doctors Have Limited Health Literacy?
Can Doctors Have Limited Health Literacy?

Communication is, by definition, an act that occurs between at least two people. It happens only when one party exchanges information or news with another. Communication can be face-to-face, written down, in a TV segment or a radio broadcast –...

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Health Literacy’s Missing Ramp
Health Literacy’s Missing Ramp

Building a ramp to patient understanding The notion of a hospital being built without any ramps to accommodate patients with limited mobility is absurd. Yet everyday many healthcare communicators – physicians, insurance providers, pharmaceutical...

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